Unto the Endless Horizon

UtEH Character Creation!

Let's get this started.

In this campaign, I want us to do our best to craft this story/adventure together.
I do want to put a couple of caveats on character creation and point out some of the changes from the pathfinder system. Starfinder is built similarly to pathfinder and playing it shouldn’t cause to much trouble.

Character Creation

  • Stick to the new races (obviously human is okay :D).
  • Pick a Character Theme. The themes are like a background and relevant traits and skills all wrapped up into a single package. No more picking the trait to boost your low save :P. Let this choice be a cool character one. You will be powerful as we go along, let this choice help frame your character.
  • Pick your character class. For this we’re going to stick to the core rule-book, no 3rd party stuff.
  • * Keep in mind the different scenarios your characters will need to overcome: social, combat, magic, tech, and space combat.
  • Finalize your ability scores. 10 point buy. And pay attention to your classes Key Ability Score.
  • * New things: no score can be above 18, going negative does not gain you additional points to spend elsewhere.
  • Now figure out your characters story! Easy I know, so I want you to figure out a couple things to help me and you so we know what you character is all about.
  • 1) What did they use to do?
  • 2) What happened to them that made their life changed?
  • 3) Why did they come to take this chance at this job?
  • 4) What do they hope to do in the future?
  • I will create on this wiki a place for you to put your answers, character info, character theme music, and as much of your back story as you want. Also, feel free to give me things that you want to see in the universe. Do you want to meet the yarn people of Nylar 4? WE. WILL. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. Seriously, you tell me what you want to see with this game and we can weave it into this story.

To help, here is a link to a website that’s got most of what you need to put a character together. starjammer srd

And here is the character sheet.

I’m really looking forward to going on this journey together and I hope you will aim for the stars with me.



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